Language cafés

10 Sep

Meet, talk, eat!

Feel like spending some time with Swedish youth, helping them learn languages and enjoying home-baked goodies? Then Language Cafés are for you!

We’ll soon provide you with an insider’s look at how it all works, but as the first one is today at 1pm (in English – no need to be a native speaker!), you might want to check it out for yourself! 🙂

If you can’t make it today, you might be able to make it some other time?  The fall schedule is here: Schedule language cafés HT10. There’s a bit of extra information on the schedule as well.

The Cafés take place at Fågelskolan, in the north-western part of Lund, near Vildanden.

2 Responses to “Language cafés”

  1. Rowena at 13:45 #

    What a great idea! I look forward to attending on the 22nd.


  1. Language Cafés Plus « The Dynamo -

    […] gave a bit of information on the language cafés (and should give you more soon), but there’s now a new twist on the whole concept: the […]

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