Free entry to Tivoli Gardens (CPH)

28 Aug

Promotion for students in September

Photo courtesy of Tivoli Gardens

Thinking of going to Copenhagen? This fall could be a good time! Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s famous amusement park, is inviting all Lund University students, new and returning, to visit them for free from September 1st to the 26th.

The 167 year-old park is well known for its rides: you might want to try your hand, or rather your stomach, at the Max Your Rides competition (see video, in Danish). But there are also many shows and concerts: some September events include the Fredagsrock concerts on the Open Air Stage, with Rasmus Nøhr and Julie Maria on September 10, and Magtens Korridorer on September 17, amongst others. The gardens are also nice just to have a walk and see the sights.

Tivoli Gardens are located very near the Copenhagen train station. Which is convenient, as the cheapest and best way (at least that we know of!) to get to Copenhagen is to jump on a Skånetrafiken Öresundståg (paying for a duo ticket – for two people – with a Jojo discount card, of course!). The train ride takes roughly an hour, you can use the travel planner for more details.

You’ll need to show your student card or acceptance letter and ID at the entrance to get in. For more information on events at Tivoli Gardens during September, visit the Official Tivoli Gardens homepage (English page, but more details on the Danish page – including the list of Friday concerts) or check them out on Facebook (mostly in Danish).

1922 - The Tivoli gardens at Copenhagen, photographed from a balloon.


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  1. The Dynamo September 2, 2010 at 20:15 #

    If you do take advantage of this, you might want to check out this site for money-saving Copenhagen tips!

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