Lunds Kommun bike auctions

27 Aug

Ride into the sunset

The first of one of three bike auctions planned by the city took place on August 26 – here’s a look at how it goes down!

Doesn't look like much, but this is an official event organized by the Lunds Kommun!

Mark Wong describes: “It was interesting to see how they conducted the bike auction.  In the first hour, you have the chance to take a look at the bicycles to be auctioned away in a huge warehouse.  After that, everybody gathers around the auctioneer outside the warehouse and slowly goes through the list of about a hundred bicycles.  After the first ten to twenty bikes, the average price sold per bike was around SEK750.  The bicycles were of varying quality, some with broken headlights, or rust, but all of them are usable.”

More pictures here!

People gathering before the bidding begins.

Browsing for bicycles.

A few sets of wheels...

Let the auction begin!

All pictures ©Mark Wong.

Got pictures to share too?  Email them at!


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