Malmöfestivalen 2010

25 Aug

Keep on rocking in the free… concerts

Band of Horses (USA) on the Malmöfestivalen stage.

Malmöfestival is going strong all week, with lots of concerts and activities that won’t cost you a krona.

Mark Wong, who went to check out Band of Horses reports, “The festival site I went to was close to Malmö Central station and you could hear the loud music from there.  It was a very windy and cold day but that did not stop throngs of rock music fans from swarming the main square of the city.  The festival will continue until the 27th of  August so make sure you visit Malmö!”

More pictures here!

Malmöfestivalen is also about art - like this piece, part of a collection of displays near the entrance to the festival area.

Lighting up the Malmö skyline.

Looks shaky, but the portal appears to be holding.

"Right after the concert ended, everyone was at the train station buying tickets. You see all of them queueing nicely and waiting in line to get on the next train out of Malmö."

All pictures ©Mark Wong.

Got pictures to share too?  Email them at!


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