General Information Market & Welcome Meeting

18 Aug

Information galore!

Kiosks set up waiting for the onslaught of students.

The first 48 hours in Lund can make one dizzy – a combination of long waits and information overload. Hope all those who went through the biggest Arrival Day ever came out on the other side okay! And got to enjoy some of the information market and presentations.

Mark Wong, again taking pictures for The Dynamo, said “The weather in Lund is better today.  It’s perfect for the students visiting the general information market which took place in Kårhuset.  Mostly curious about the student nations and which ones to join.  Some cultural groups and sports teams were there as well as Wisecracker’s and the Rugby team.”

More pictures here!

Many tables and friendly volunteers.


More students.

Students, students everywhere!

Organizations of all sorts vying for students' attention.

Students again!

All pictures ©Mark Wong.

Got pictures to share too?  Email them at!


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