Arrival Day is here

17 Aug

Look familiar?

Rolling into the AF building

If you’re reading this, it means you’re a returning student or a new student who’s made it to their new home. Whether you’re coming back or just arriving now, welcome to Lund!

Mark Wong, who was at Arrival Day taking pictures for The Dynamo, reports: “Today it was raining quite heavily in Lund just before 9am, which is the time the AF building was opened for international students to register themselves.  Luckily for them, the rain turned lighter.  The queue was quickly forming inside the building filled with people speaking various languages.  International mentors are also there helping out and greeting the new students.  We’ll see more tomorrow at the general information market.”

You may remember images like these from not so long ago (more pictures here)

Buying tickets to the Welcome Party

"Any available housing on that board?"

Waiting in turn

Here we are!

Volunteers in the rain. And one of the 'buses'.

All pictures ©Mark Wong.

Got pictures to share too?  Email them at!


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