Housing tough times – for Swedes too

10 Aug

No easy solution for swedish students either

In spite of their smarts, good looks and healthy lifestyles, Swedes are not much better off when it comes to finding housing in Lund.

Of course there’s the language barrier which doesn’t help us, but then again international students get some assistance (and often a place to live) from the International Housing Office.

For their part, Swedish students have to battle it out for whatever is out there. Until very recently Swedish universities were not even allowed to be landlords for their own students (see our entry about this here). This means they have to try their luck all on their own and seek a place to live from AF Bostäder, particulars, housing agencies, nations, community boards, etc.

You can read a bit on how things go on the Swedish side of the housing crisis here (Google translated from Skånska Dagbladet).


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