Housing issues

6 Aug

Careful what you’re getting into

Don't get caught with a sketchy landlord or you might end up on the street...

Swedes are usually known for their honesty and fair-play, but there’s bad eggs everywhere – so if you’re renting from a particular, makes sure everything is as it should be.

Bopoolen has been issuing warnings for a few months about fake renters asking for payments for non-existing apartments, and there was this story (Google translated from Sydsvenskan) about an international student who got trapped by a dodgy landlord…


One Response to “Housing issues”

  1. Ján Štetka August 7, 2010 at 19:58 #

    Hi, I have also one incident. I was browsing on page “bopoolen” and I add advertisement on this page that I am searching for living and the other things.
    After few days one man contact me that he have living in Lund. Of course I was a little bit worried about my situation because my day of flight was closer and closer. So I was really excited about his offer.
    Our communication was first by mail, then by skype chat. He asked me to send him my personal info like name, birth date, ID number to make a contract. Okey, so I add him this info and was waiting. Than he asked me for deposit. I agreed with him but only under conditions of having Swedish bank account. But he said that his bank doesn’t allowed this operation but I can send it to UK b.a. After this moment I had doubts.
    I check his number on page: “callferret.com” and also on names on fraudsters warning on “bopoolen”. And there he was! ( panic in my head 🙂
    So, don’t send money to foreign bank accounts and be very awake. I think that SWE landlords have also SWE bank account. And the best offer is without any deposit. Cause they know that big number of students don’t have living there.
    Now, I have living in Dosjebro without deposit prepaid… But I am also awake because man never know 😉

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