Midsommar 2010

25 Jun

Summer is officially here

This year, June 25th marks Midsommar (midsummer in English), a not-to-miss highlight of the Swedish summer. It is a celebration of fertility, light and life, when flowers bloom, vegetables grow, couples form, and days are long…

The Swedish Institute has a nice and complete explanation with pictures, and there’s a bit more of a fish-out-of-water (and into the pickle jar!) view on things on this blog. This is the holiday Sweden is famous for, with traditional costumes, typical foods, stiff drinks, energetic dances, loud songs…

It has often been the source of stereotypes on Swedish celebrations – for one example, check out Ikea Germany’s parody of the festivities. Note not everyone thought it was funny, and it even got banned, so it’s not to everyone’s taste!

(The Local comments the video and adds extra info here.)

Here’s a more family-oriented view of actual celebrations:

The South might be having the best holiday weather in the country, reports The Local. In Lund, there will be a few gatherings (expect maypoles!) around town on the 25th (there’s a list here from the municipality website, another here from Sydsvenskan, both in Swedish – Kulturen‘s appears to be most central).

The midsommar holiday is actually June 26th, but like many Swedish holidays, the eve – afton – is when the true celebrations happen, while the actual holiday day is mostly used for recovering.


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