The Nations from A to Ö

13 May

H is for Hallands

Thanks to Oscar Petersson, Qurator at Hallands nation.

When were you founded and why: 1928, when members of Göteborgs nation thought that Hallands should be it’s own nation.

What is the pride of your nation: The party prize of the tandem race, and the most beautiful dinner room in Lund.

What is your nation’s symbol and why: A silver lion on blue background, since this is the weapon of Halland.

Can you name a special event in your history: Kulknappsbalen, a big ball in Varberg which takes place on special occasions. The last time it was held was 2008, when the nation celebrated its 80th anniversary.

What international students can do in your nation: All international students can take part in all of our activities, such as working in the pub, lunch, bar, etc. or use our sports facilities. They can also come to us with ideas for activities, and if they’re good we’ll make it happen.

What are your plans for Karneval: We will have Kvalnear, a huge nightclub on Thursday the 20th, together with VG Nation. On the 21st we will have a barbecue at Hallands, with drinks,beer and great food of course.

What is your best beer: Red Stripe, a Jamaican lager.

Do you offer meals and if so how much: We do, we serve lunch every Monday (35 kr), pub meals some Tuesdays, every Wednesday and Friday (40 kr) and a three-course meal every Friday (140 kr).

What is your best weekly event: Klubb 3, the only club in Lund with 3 bars serving 35 different beers, 24 different types of whisky, great-tasting cocktails or layered shots.

Where are you located: In front of VG Nation, at Thomanders väg 3.



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