Saturday Österlen trip – Last chance!

4 May

See what you might not see otherwise!

© The Dynamo - The "Swedish Stonehenge", one of the great features of the tour

Doing anything on Saturday? The Österlen Tour is on May 8th and there are still plenty of tickets available. The tour costs 350 SEK, and for that you get…

  • tour Ales Stenar, the Swedish Stonehenge, where you can also taste some of that particular Swedish delicacy – smoked fish
  • a look through former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld’s old house
  • explore Glimmingehus – one of the oldest preserved castles in Sweden – where you will see the former owners’ death traps, hear ghost stories and see how people lived in the 15th century
  • enjoy Stenshuvud – a national park by the ocean
  • visit Swedish artist Gunilla Mann and eat some Swedish apple cake with vanilla sauce.

Now that the days are getting warmer and the sun has started to show, it is a fantastic opportunity to see the beautiful sights of Skåne. Contact the International desk ASAP to book your ticket. Tell all your friends – there are still more than 20 tickets available. The trip will be cancelled if more people don’t sign up, so be quick!

Meet at the Cathedral at 8:45am on Saturday, and pack your own lunch.


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