Karneval ticket sale weekend

25 Apr

Picked up your tix?

© Verena Knaust

Beings of all kinds waited in line to get to best tickets for the 2010 carnival.

Carnival tickets were on sale at the AF castle over the weekend! Some events were sold out quickly, such as the Saturday night dance party featuring the DJs of Jezebel Sound System and evening representations of the most popular shows, but there are still tickets for many other happenings. For those who missed the official sale days, we’ll update you on other ticket-buying options in the future!

More Lundagård pictures?

© Verena Knaust

Those near the front got the best pick of show times.

© Verena Knaust

Fortunately, the crowds got a nice weekend to be standing around for a while.

© Verena Knaust

How long did they wait you ask?

If you’d arrived at 10:30, you might be out by 1pm, and though the Saturday party would already have been sold out, you could have bought tickets to a couple shows, a 3-day entrance pass and some swanky karneval t-shirts!

But don’t worry – you haven’t missed out on all the fun just yet – Lundakarnevalen happens May 21-23, and you’ll still be able to take part in most activities! Stay tuned, we’ll do our best to keep you posted!



One Response to “Karneval ticket sale weekend”

  1. Lars Bergström May 27, 2010 at 15:26 #

    Since you already have the best ticket for the best show, don´t buy any new tickets, pls!!!!

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