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17 Apr

Beer, BLTs and papertalk : meeting at blekingska
by Anika

Friday we met at Blekingska – a little far away, but the BLT sandwiches are as delicious as they look – to talk about the third issue.

We were just a little group…the others were propably bathing in the last sun for this weekend on a parkbench somewhere.

But it was fun and I think we got some ideas down. I’m excited, because for my article…. well let’s just say I have to try out some lying and sitting around for you. Actually we all are running around Lund to find the latest news, the most interesting bands, the best places for everything – from the best food, to flea markets, bike shops and so on..

It was a nice meeting! Ariane showed us how cryptic the next issue looks when she draws it on paper. And Photocrazy me ran around and took some pictures and some more. Besides the paperstuff we got to know each other a bit more. Some of us hadn’t seen snow before coming to Lund. And we racked our brains about what we missed when we arrived in here. Which informations did we need but not get – like where to get the cheapest groceries – and so on?

If you can help us with that, or want to participate – write, draw, photograph, interview people or just have a nice time and a more or less cold beer – write us or come to the next meeting (we’ll keep you posted about it).

(photo:cc-by-nc Anika Lindtner)

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