The Nations from A to Ö

16 Apr

B is for Blekingska

Thanks to Andrea Fokt and Camilla Anger, respectively Qurator and ProQurator at Blekingska Nation.

© Anika Lindtner

When were you founded and why: 1697, in order to create a network for Blekinge locals in the strange foreign town of Lund.

What is the pride of your nation: the vast amount of great bands who have performed on our small stage – do names like the Cardigans, the Hives, Of Montreal, Bob Hund, the Radio Dept, Alphaville ring any bells?

What is your nation’s symbol and why: “stop play pause” – symbolizes our nation‟s love of music. The nation’s coat of arms is the golden oak with three crowns, in line with the symbol for the Blekinge province.

Can you name a special event in your history: founding of our club “Indigo” in 1994 which in all effect brought the Indie music scene to Lund and Skåne. Also our 300 year anniversary in 1997.

What international students can do in your nation: they’re very welcome to participate in all our activities, we make a point not to divide those for the international students with our usual ones – we want to make everyone feel welcome everywhere.

What are your plans for Karneval: it’s all a big secret for now, but there will be parties…

What is your best beer: La Trappe Quadrupel (or Krusovice Imperial for 20 SEK if your budget is tight).

Do you offer meals and if so how much: pub-meal (Wednesday) app 40 SEK, café food approx 30 SEK (Fri), three-course dinner (Sittning on Fridays) 140 SEK, brunch (Sat) 50 SEK.

What is your best weekly event: FRIDAY CLUB – the best pop/rock-music in town. (All Fridays except first of the month; then it’s heartbeats, electronic music at its best).

Where are you located: 5 min. west by bike from the town centre. In Vildanden.


(photo:cc-by-nc Anika Lindtner  )

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