Unsolved Swedish Mysteries

13 Apr

Knock-Knock-Knocking on Sweden’s door

by Philippe-Antoine Charbonneau

This is the kind of things tourists don’t see. But if you live in Lund, you must have noticed it: doors are always locked over here.

Your front door? Fine – to avoid some drunk folks unintentionally going in the wrong room at 3 am, it’s safer. You office door? Of course – to stop students from trying to find the final exam, it’s a good idea.

But what about other doors?

What about the door that is downstairs in my apartment? There is a main door to get in the building from outside which is locked only at night and that’s understandable. But then there’s another door after.

Don’t know why. I just know that’s its always locked and when you have groceries (not from COOP!), it’s not ideal.

What about the door to my classroom? Every time someone is late (and god knows half of the international students are late), the teacher has to interrupt the class to go open the door. We can’t leave it open, because the coffee machine is right next to it and it’s noisy. And impossible to chat with classmates after class, we have to leave because the prof needs to re-lock the door!

But there are even worse cases: apparently in SOL, some classes have this little button with the picture of a key on it, inside next to the door, which you have to press to let someone in – or out! And if you try to leave the door open to avoid this inconvenience, an annoying alarm goes off.

You could maybe argue that there is expensive equipment in classrooms that needs to be protected. Fine. But in most residential buildings, you need a key for the garbage or recycling room. What precious material is that protecting, I wonder!

Do Swedes have security issues? Well… I was in Norway once and I had to swipe my student card to enter all buildings and worse, to even enter the toilets! So Lund, please don’t go there!


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