Travel: Where to go around Lund?

13 Apr

Helsingborg, oh boy!
by Rebekka Schlippe.

Photos: © Rebekka Schlippe

Helsingborg’s city hall is relatively young for this old town, dating from the late-19th century

Ever been to a 925th birthday? Well this year you could get lucky as one of Skåne’s oldest and most scenic towns, Helsingborg, celebrates its 925 years of existence on the 21st of May.

During these past 925 years much has happened in this charming city, which is located on the east coast of Skåne. In the Middle Ages Helsingborg was a very important Danish town because of its very strategic location.

The Swedes captured the town no less than six times from the Danes, but eventually always lost it back to them again. It was first in 1710 that Magnus Stenbock defeated the Danes in the Battle of Helsingborg, which is considered to be one of the bloodiest battles to have been fought on Swedish soil.

In spite of its rather bloody past Helsingborg is today a very attractive day-trip destination offering a sheer endless amount of things to do and see.

Magnus Stenbock and friends

Something for everyone

For the shopaholics among you there is the exciting Kullagatan, Sweden’s first pedestrian street, with its over 500 shops.

Close to it is the Church of St. Mary (Mariakyrkan), one of the few buildings that survived throughout Helsingborg’s many battles and dates back to the 14th century.

Be sure to pay a visit to Dunkers Kulturhus, located in the beautiful area of Norra Hamnen. Inside this magnificent building you find a great variety of different art exhibitions, concerts, city and cultural history. Check out their program and opening hours on

Getting around the town

The tourist office is also located here making it a perfect starting point. But generally finding your way around shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of signs everywhere that will lead you in the right direction.

If you’re visiting Helsingborg in the spring do not miss the wonderful gardens of Sofiero Castle, where more than 10,000 rhododendrons bushes will amaze you.

The Swedes are experts in waffle making and you’ll get the best fresh, mouthwatering ones at Möllebackens Våffelbruk

which is located just off Södra Storgatan on top of the hill (so beautiful views are included for free). Just let your nose guide you the way! Afterwards head for Ramlösa Brunn Park to taste some of the famous Ramlösa spring water.

Police on horseback, with Kärnen in the background

Denmark within reach

Even if you are a very fast-paced sightseer you will not run out of things to do as you can just hop on the ferry to Helsingør, the Danish equivalent of Helsingborg on the other side of the sound.

If your visa or other circumstances (like lack of time) don’t allow you to take the ferry there’s always the cheaper (and faster) option to climb up the watchtower Kärnan, which used to be part of the Helsingborg Castle, and enjoy a wonderful view over the city and the coast of Denmark.

Getting to Helsingborg is fairly easy, hop on the Øresundståg and you’ll be there 28 minutes later. If trains are not your thing there is always the alternative, the Swebus (leaving in front of Spoletorp South), which takes 50 minutes.

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