The Nations from A to Ö

13 Apr

G is for Göteborgs nation

Thanks to Linn Hultberg, Qurator at Göteborgs nation.

© GB - Used with permission

When were you founded and why: Göteborgs nation was founded in 1682 with the purpose of giving students from Gothenburg a “second home” during their time in Lund.

What is the pride of your nation: Our parties. We arrange the biggest parties in Lund and our bal, GA-balen, is the biggest banquet in the Nordic countries (after the Nobel banquet)!

What is your nation’s symbol and why: The lion, which also is the symbol for Gothenburg.

Can you name a special event in your history: The first GA-bal in 1964.

What international students can do in your nation: They can come and work for us, as all other students, and come to all our activities.

What are your plans for Karneval: We are going to have our own karneval here at the nation. We will have a big party in our backyard Thursday-Sunday during the days and nightclubs every night!

What is your best beer: Carlsberg Hof .

Do you offer meals and if so how much: We serve lunch Tuesday-Friday (35 SEK) at 12.15, brunch on Saturdays at 12.00 and dinner on Sundays at 18.30. Be there 20 min before if you want to be sure to get served. A sittning at any of our nightclubs costs 120 SEK.

What is your best weekly event: Kålleseum, our nightclub every other Thursday. Nothing beats that!

Where are you located: Östra Vallgatan 47, 223 61, LUND.



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