Questions and Answers

13 Apr

“Dear Luke”

Q: Dear Luke,

I went to Netto the other day and I bought grated cheese for only 29 kronor per kilo! How can it be so cheap? What’s the catch here?

-Rooney, Pepe

A: Pepe,

My friend, I am afraid that what you bought what not really cheese. They sell what’s called ‘Pizza Mix’ which is actually a mix of cheese and vegetable fats. That’s why its cheaper than cheese. I even heard student nations use it! A bit cheesy for a rip-off!


Q: Dear Luke,

I would like to add another second-hand store to your list. You can find many things from all over the world. But I must warn you: things at this store are scattered everywhere and they can be pretty dirty. They specialize in cutlery and cooking utensils. They have new stuff every day and some is free! You can even find food! The address is Parentesen building B.

-Kong Fu Ze

A: Dear Fu Ze,

Are you mistaken with your common kitchen?


Q: Dear Luke,

Last month I went to the cathedral and it took me forever to figure out the time on the astronomical clock – how come?

-Mr. Tissot

A: Dear Mr. Tissot,

I hope this was before the renovations… First let me say that this clock was built around 1424 and it’s a marvel. I’m not sure how it works either but its just fun to see and hear (when it’s working, which won’t be for some time). Here’s my advice: next time, look at your watch.


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