Making life in Lund easier

13 Apr

Best study places in Lund

Words by Florina Vilciu
Comments and photos collected by Anika Lindtner

As probably most of you felt, I was quite overwhelmed in the beginning by the number of university buildings scattered all around Lund. Getting to know each and every one of them is quite a feat, but we decided to have a look at their study conditions and answer some quite important questions for any student: where can I study best? or where can I work with my team?

Photos © Anika Lindtner

Carl-Johann (Sweden), cultural managements (B.A.)

“I sometimes work in the SOL library, where it is not to quiet and not to loud. But when I have serious stuff to and I have to keep a deadline, I’m doing it at home.”

AF Café Athen– For starters, let’s talk about the place everyone knows, in the heart of the city and right at Lund University’s core. This venue scores high on the design criterion and boasts a quite nice cafeteria, yet loses some points because of the high traffic, loud crowds and sometimes uncomfortable seating – fair trade-offs though. I would not recommend this to those who work best on their own and undisturbed.

Arielle (USA ), Physics (B.A., exchange student)

“I study often in the library of the Kemicentrum, there’s a little café there which is pretty nice.When I’m not there, I sometimes go to the Studiecentrum of the LTH at John Ericssons väg 4 and study there.”


University Library  – This overwhelming building is home to everything you might need in terms of general study literature, and is always teeming with students. The advantage to going here is that you can find various places to work in, some quite remote from the busy lobby. However, it’s all about luck – you might end up next to some loud study buddies.

Frederik (Sweden), Economics

“Because the economic students don’t have many designated study rooms, I study mostly at home. But that works good for me, because I’m living in an appartement and not a student housing, so there are no parties and so on that are distracting”

SOL Library – A personal favourite in what regards design, this part of the university can be a nice place to immerse in your reading undisturbed. Team meetings are generally held next to the library, and there is also a conveniently located café perfectly suitable for getting to know your colleagues better.

LTH Studiecentrum – I cannot say I have much experience with this venue, but I regard it as a quite convenient study place where you can focus on your own. There is, of course, significant traffic during lunchtime and some of the breaks, so be sure to come sometime before or after the rush hours in order to get a good seat..

Susanne (Germany), English, German and Swedish (B.A, exchange student)

“Most of my work I get done at home. But I like to work in the SOL very much too. I often meet a friend of mine there, so we can study together. That’s always nicer and easier than going alone and having to motivate yourself.”

Sam (USA), applied cultural analysis (M.A)

“Well, paper writing stuff I do at home. But when I have to do groupwork or read texts, I do that mostly in libraries. My favorites are the SOL library and the Wrangel library – that’s the library of the Cultural Sciences Department.”

Ekonomicentrum Library – Now welcome to the land of economists and businessmen! Although with a quite limited number of desks, the study places here are very quiet (if you disregard the sound of flipping pages). There are some quite Spartan-looking cubicles you can retreat to and get down to studying, and if you’re taking a short break you can go grab a coffee in the cafeteria close by.

Sam (Sweden), development studies (B.A.)

It depends on what I have to study for. If I just have to read a text or go through my notes, I like to do that in a public environement. Because I’m studying social sciences, I think a social place is always a good influence. But working e.g. on a home exam – that I have to do at home.

Alfa Building (behind the EC)– This is probably one of the most spacious study places in the whole university and it’s never really full. From large computer rooms and open spaces with benches, to small study rooms for maximum 6 people, Alfa caters to all needs. And it does this so well that people work there until the late night hours. The disadvantages would be the rather poorly stocked vending machine and the sometimes insufficient number of restrooms.

We hope this quick tour through some popular study places in Lund University can give you new ideas or help you choose your meeting point better. For any further suggestions or feedback -> we’d love your comment!


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