Karneval 2010

13 Apr

Carnival tickets on sale in April

by Ariane Senécal

© Anika Lindtner
It’s karneval time, and he knows it.

Tickets to 2010
Lundakarnevalen shows will be released to the public April 24-25, from 12:00 to 17:00, at the AF building. Expect queues (this is Sweden!) but also entertainment while-you-wait (this is Karneval!).

From May 21st to 23rd, Lund will transform into a wild, wacky Carnival city. This fully student-run event, taking place only every four years, means non-stop fun and entertainment, including many shows and parties, with dance, music, comedy, circus, cabaret, Spex (musical comedy), beer tents for the grown-ups and even some things for the kiddies.

Tickets for most of these events go on sale April 24 and 25. Prices vary between 60 SEK for film screenings and 200 SEK for dances.

Early bird gets the ticket

“80% of tickets get sold before carnival begins,” explains Fredrik Swahn, Ticket Manager (biljettchef) for the 2010 Karneval. He advises to come buy tickets during the official release to be sure to get in to the most popular shows.

All out entertainment

The queue is expected to reach great lengths, and wannabe ticket buyers should be prepared to come early and hang around a few hours. However, this should be made more fun by a festive atmosphere: all Karneval entertainment groups have been invited to come do their stuff while-u-wait.

Note access to the carnival grounds also costs: a one-time entry ticket (no leaving the carnival area) is 50 SEK, while an unlimited entry three-day pass runs at 200 SEK. This includes outdoor shows, with names like Rufus Wainwright and Amanda Jenssen on Friday, Retro Stefson on Saturday, and a Michael Jackson tribute Sunday.

In Lundagård, dozens of small tents will feature smaller shows and activities and will cost between 10 and 50 SEK (multi-passes available). Beer and merchandise tents will also be on the grounds.

Most shows are in Swedish, but involve musical performance. The large AF dances (“2300 people per night, a huge party!” asserts Swahn) will feature Housewives on Friday, Jade Jagger’s Jezebel Sound System on Saturday, and Maskinen on Sunday.

The carnival movie, Dessa Lund (‘These Lund’ – preview with English subtitles at http://www.lundakarnevalen.se/sektioner/film) will open in Lund April 23rd. Carnival participants (karnevalister) will be able to buy tickets in a pre-sale – contact your team leader for details.

For updates on Karneval happenings, make friends with Google Translate and keep an eye on http://www.lundakarnevalen.se.

For updates on Karneval happenings, make friends with Google Translate and check out http://www.lundakarnevalen.se.


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