So long, farewell, hej då vi ses, goodbye!

7 Jan

At least for now…

The Dynamo is officially on hiatus, possibly permanently – the crazy folks who began this whole thing graduated in 2011 and kept hoping someone or something (or some miracle job offer in Sweden) would mean it could keep going as in its former glory days, but alas. No hard feelings Lund, we had a great go at it and we miss you greatly!

Welcome to all new and returning students, and may what you find in these pages still be of relevance. The Lund Dynamo Facebook will remain active for postings, so please feel free to keep using it as a forum!

All the best to Lund International Students old and new – may you keep getting involved and making the best of your time in an awesome student town!

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Housing queue for new students

12 Jul

Just do as they say, and do it today

Don't camp - apply for housing queues.

Don’t camp – apply for housing queues.

It’s complicated and it’s not: if you are new to Lund and want to have a chance at a cheap student room as offered by the student association housing agency (AFB), apply for the lottery (!) that will give you a better chance at a better room.

This is especially important if you haven’t gotten a room through the International Office. (Even if you have been offered a place through IHO, you can always apply anyway – it’s nice to have options.)

So click here and follow the instructions!

If it doesn’t work out, other housing venues are explained here – and don’t forget the Blocket boards, and be open to finding a place in nearby cities like big sister Malmö and little sister Dalby. Just watch out for scams!

AFB Housing

25 Jun

Special Lottery for Those new to Lund

The Lund University students’ association, Akademiska Föreningen or AF, now part of Studentlund, offers housing through AF Bostäder.  Queues are usually quite long, often over a year, but new students (novischer) are given a small break by having the chance to participate in a lottery for a better queue number.

Details can be found here. Note the application period for these special numbers only runs 12-15 July, so time it right!


20 Jun

June means maypoles!

It’s that time of year again – when Swedes gather round flowered phallic symbols, dance while hopping like frogs, light bonfires, drink schnaps and eat baby potatoes!

If you want to join in the fun, check out this list of places to party (Google translated from Sydsvenskan) or this one from the Lunds kommun site. Read all about a past midsommar experience here.Image

Daylight Saving Time

25 Mar


Spring forward, fall backward!

You lost one hour of your life last night, did you feel it? (Don’t worry, you’ll get it back in the autumn…)

Make sure your clocks are set right – double-check here! 🙂

Waffle Day

18 Mar

Our Lady of the… Waffle?

It would appear a play on words is actually the origin of this food-themed day. Learn more here, and then find a good recipe (like here for North American measurements or here for European measurements) to make your own!

Smaklig måltid!

Housing VT 2012

11 Jan

Crisis? What crisis?

This may be a first for Lund – an article saying the housing situation isn’t so bad!! (Google translated from Sydsvenskan).

Here’s to hoping everyone indeed has found a good home for the spring term! 🙂

Välkomna till VT2012

10 Jan

Here they come!

It’s Arrival Day time again! Welcome to everyone new, welcome back to the others! 

Pssst novisch (yeah new folks that’s you), if you’re stuck in a line-up with some kind of electronic gadget, read this pdf (it’s a year old but the info is still good…) and once you’ve started to get settled, check out the get-to-it list! 😉

And returning students, unless you’re volunteering as a mentor or are just curious to check out the craziness of Arrival Day, you might want to stay away from the AF building. But don’t avoid the newcomers completely – if you see someone looking lost, remember how it felt and kindly point them in the right direction! 😉


9 Jan

Info in English getting better all the time…

But it’s still super confusing. This is where you go to join a Nation – let’s just say that to keep it simple to begin… 😉

Good luck figuring it out – it’s worth it!! 😀



The Don’t Forget List

8 Jan

The Don’t Forget List

We published this last term, and it might be of use to those coming back to Lund but especially if you’re arriving for the first time! 🙂

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